Monday, April 20, 2009

Watch Grandma tonight on the Food Network!

Grandma will teach how to make her delicious homemade chicken soup tonight on "Unwrapped with Mark Summers"! Watch her tonight!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Our Reviews are Awesome!

We have had a lot of people send in reviews of our soup gifts lately,
and I thought everyone may be interested:

Here are a sample of them.
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Dear Grandma' All too often, businesses hear from their customers when they have something to complain about. Given our experience with your company and its product, we feel compelled to tell you how pleased we have been and more importantly how thrilled the recipients consistently react. Chicken Soup is the universal cure for anything and everything that hurts. When you can't be by the side of a friend or loved one, this is the next best thing. Grandma's Chicken Soup is delicious, nutritious, and noodlicious! We were so delighted to have received it, we have sent it to others many times. The reaction of those who receive it is always sheer delight! We can't recommend this highly enough!

I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I sent this to my daughter at college during exam time - - she loved it. She said that the blanket was so soft and comforting - it makes the perfect get well gift. . . it was like sending a little bit of hugs from me - - -THANKS!!!!

Received a comfy cozy today and it was wonderful.

Thank you and best wishes for not only the Holidays but for the growth of your business. I work with dozens and dozens of business owners. The successes are those with passion and a committed personal touch. Taking time to call me today tells me you have both of the indispensable qualities for success. Warm regards, Dick

Japanese Researchers have discovered what all good grandmas have known for years. . .chicken soup is good for your health.

Submitted by Kathleen Blanchard RN on Apr 3rd, 2009
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Information from the American Chemical Society (ACS) reminds us of the potential health benefits of chicken and matzoh ball soup. Japanese researchers have found powerful blood pressure lowering properties from collagen proteins found in chicken legs and feet, making chicken soup served at Passover more than just a healthy meal.
According to a Japanese study, originally published in the American Chemical Society's publication, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, September 2008, chicken soup could have a new role for good health by keeping blood pressure under control.
Because matzoh ball soup will be on Passover menus beginning April 8, the ACS seems to be raising awareness of the study to educate about the lesser-known health benefits of chicken soup for lowering blood pressure – especially chicken soup made with the right chicken parts.
Previous studies, cited by Japanese researchers Ai Saiga, Ph.D., and colleagues, show that chicken breast contains collagen proteins that act just like ACE inhibitors – blood pressure medications that are widely used to treat hypertension. The proteins are more prevalent in chicken legs. . .
Reference: ACS
Source: Kathleen Blanchard RN

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Interview with Joan Hamburg on her radio show Wed, 4/8/09

I am thrilled to be interviewed by Joan Hamburg (the Grand Dame of yummy radio ) for the second time. We can be heard tomorrow, Wed (4/8/09) on the Joan Hamburg Radio Show on WOR between 11am and 1pm. I will be featured on her recipe of the week segment. Joan brings a fun sophistication to the airways with many topics that are geared to the Tri-State area audience but her appeal and entertainment is national. Mark your calendars and listen. Who knows, this bubbe may give up a Matzo Ball secret or two?!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I do what most Grandma’s do if they have the chance. I pick up some of my grandchildren after school, I baby-sit, take them shopping, cook special dishes they like, hold them when they’re hurting, etc. But, I also have become one of the chicken soup experts in the celebrity world of cooking.

When Bobby Flay, Super Chef, of the Food Network, took on Jeff Nathan, owner and chef at Abigael's on Broadway in New York, for a competitive matzo ball soup cook-off on his program “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” he, of course, called me to be one of the two judges since I am the leader of a production team that produces and markets a very unique gift item – fresh made chicken soup that is shipped nationwide.

At no time prior to when my son, David Poritzky and daughter, Betsy Maselek asked me to ratchet up my Grandma role for this new business gig did I ever envision going on nationwide television programs as a classic chicken soup making grandma! Previously I had shown my soup making abilities on “Unwrapped” as well as “Roker on the Road” with Al Roker.

My recent TV gig was shown on April 1st on the Food Network– on Throwdown with Bobby Flay! To see it again, tune in to the Food Network:

Apr 12, 2009
11:00 PM ET/PT
Apr 13, 2009
2:00 AM ET/PT
Apr 18, 2009
4:00 PM ET/PT

. . .and yes, Bobby Flay is as much of a doll in person as he appears on TV.