Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Father's Day Contest

Grandma's Father’s Day Contest!!!

GrandmasChickenSoup wants to celebrate your Dad this Father’s Day  

We cheered for great Mother’s Last month, now it is time to thank Dad! 

We want to thank one special Dad this year for Father’s Day 2010. 

Our Celebrate Dad contest will allow you to nominate the best Dad you know.  The winner will receive a FREE half gallon of delicious GrandmasChickenSoup and a Grandma's Chicken Soup gift mug filled with crackers, our signature carrot pen and completed with a hand decorated whimsical chicken cookie.  

We will feature many of the entries on my blog and Facebook for everyone to read. 

Thank dad through your heartfelt words and for one deserving winner, he will get a FREE meal on me, GRANDMA.  

In 300 words or less, tell us why this Dad you are nominating is special and deserves to be recognized and receive a Free gift.  This can be any Dad you know as long as they are great at the job of Fatherhood.   Anyone who entered the Mother’s Day Contest is definitely eligible to enter my Father’s Day Contest!

Entries must be emailed to me at grandma@grandmaschickensoup.com from now until June 13th, 2010. The winning author will be notified via email June 14, 2010.  In order for us to send the soup to the lucky Dad before Father’s Day 2010, the winning author must provide us with the winning dad’s address by June 15th.  Employees and relatives of GrandmasChickenSoup and David’s World Famous are not eligible. The winning author will be asked to submit a picture to accompany their story.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

And the Mother's Day Contest Winner is. . .

We received a ton of great entries to our first Mother's Day Contest, with some posted on this blog.  I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry and thank all the Mother's they wrote about, who were heroic and  kind.  We were luckily to learn about them.  

It was very difficult to pick a winner with so many wonderful stories, but we were touched by the legacy that Monica Houston described her mother Mary created.    Mary should be receiving her delicious GrandmasChickenSoup with a mug full of crackers tomorrow.  We hope to post a picture of the winning mom soon!

Happy Mother's Day to Mary and to all the great Mom's this Sunday. 

Here is a reposting of the winning entry. . .

My Mother's name is Mary . . .  My mother's mind is not with us in reality as alert as she was, but is ever alert and beautiful in my heart.  She is in the final stage of Dementia and lives in a wonderful facility in . . . MI.  My Mama was a social worker by profession.  She completed college in 1957, one of the first in our extended family to complete college.  When she divorced my Dad in the early 1970's, she went back to school and obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work, while supporting and raising 4 children. 
In 1977 Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She took this challenge as she did all others with faith and a positive attitude.  She was a safe haven for all of my sisters', brothers' and my friends.  She often took them in when they were temporarily homeless or parentless due to life's situations.  Mama was always encouraging, and was very active in our community through our Block club, Church-St. John C.M.E. , The American Breast Cancer Association, the National Association of Black Social Workers, and many other organizations.
When Mama and I noticed that she was beginning to have trouble remembering things, she bravely allowed my siblings and I to find her a great Doctor, and because of God and him she has still survived this disease since the mid to late 90's.  Mama only recognizes any of us for about 30 seconds now, but her smile is radiant and we can still feel her love.  She still has a great appreciation for what tastes good.  If she doesn't like something her determination NOT to eat is fierce!  I know that she would love your soup and enjoy the warmth and deliciousness of it.  Your lemon iced cake is also delicious and I have sent these things to many of my friends and family over the years.  I know my Mom would not only love to be recognized in this way, but she would be humbled at the total love and devotion that I feel for her.
Monica M. Houston

Monday, May 03, 2010

Here's an entry from someone who wishes their Mom knew about our company!

I read about your Best Mom contest in our local Jewish newspaper, and immediately decided to submit this entry.

My mother, Joyce, is a mother, grandmother, and as of this very week,
a great-grandmother!  She is no ordinary mother.  During my freshman
year of college, I came down with a bad cold days before my first
formal dance.  My mother detected despair in my voice when I called
home -- I didn't have shoes to wear with my dress and oh, how I
missed her chicken soup remedy.   Two days later, my dorm leader
notified me that I had a package waiting for me downstairs.  Its
brown wrapping was soaked, the box was ripped, the smell was
overwhelming.  Inside the remains of the box was a pair of my
mother's strappy sandals, dripping with chicken broth.  Bits of
carrots, celery, onion and chicken clung to every strap.  The soup's
original container, packed with the shoes, had apparently exploded
en-route.  I wasn't able to eat my mother's soup or wear her shoes,
but her thoughtfulness filled me up and warmed my heart.