Monday, May 03, 2010

Here's an entry from someone who wishes their Mom knew about our company!

I read about your Best Mom contest in our local Jewish newspaper, and immediately decided to submit this entry.

My mother, Joyce, is a mother, grandmother, and as of this very week,
a great-grandmother!  She is no ordinary mother.  During my freshman
year of college, I came down with a bad cold days before my first
formal dance.  My mother detected despair in my voice when I called
home -- I didn't have shoes to wear with my dress and oh, how I
missed her chicken soup remedy.   Two days later, my dorm leader
notified me that I had a package waiting for me downstairs.  Its
brown wrapping was soaked, the box was ripped, the smell was
overwhelming.  Inside the remains of the box was a pair of my
mother's strappy sandals, dripping with chicken broth.  Bits of
carrots, celery, onion and chicken clung to every strap.  The soup's
original container, packed with the shoes, had apparently exploded
en-route.  I wasn't able to eat my mother's soup or wear her shoes,
but her thoughtfulness filled me up and warmed my heart.

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