Thursday, April 29, 2010

A GrandmasChickenSoup employee writes about her mom. . .

Obviously employees of GrandmasChickenSoup can not enter our Mother's Day Contest for a free soup and mug of crackers. . .but we certainly will let Melissa highlight her great Mom on my Blog.

"My mom is the best and I am thrilled to be able to say thank you to her this Mother’s Day. We were not sure at this time last that she would be around for us to do that. My mother is warm and caring. She always wanted to have a big family but was only able to have me. She proudly says, “I wanted 12 and got my 12 all wrapped up in you!” My mom was a divorced mom, worked hard full time and still attended all my activities. Hers was the loudest voice cheering. She has always made me feel loved and was awed and supportive of even my smallest accomplishments. Once I got married and decided to start a family she moved 300 miles to be close to us to help watch our children.

My mom works full time and watches her 3 grandchildren so that I can work. My girls love their “Nanny” and light up when she enters our house. Last year, my mom, who rarely got sick, was in the hospital for 3 weeks with a rare back infection. It was devastating, and at times we thought we might lose her. We are very lucky to say she made it through

There are many people that need to be thanked. Thank you to Mass General Hospital and their wonderful staff who helped nurse her back to health. It was a long process but she is now 100%. Thank you to David, Betsy and Janice Poritzky for whom I work at www.GrandmasChickenSoup. With my mother sick I was not able to work much for 2 months. They allowed me the freedom to watch my girls and help my mother get better as she recovered at home. They worked around my schedule and held my job until everything was back to normal. Finally, thank you to my mother for getting better. We need decades more time together with the best “Nanny”, “Mother-in-law” and “Mom”."

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