Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep checking everyday to read entries for our Grandma's Mother's Day Contest. If you enter today you may see your story posted on my blog. The winner will be announced by May 5th. Good luck to all our authors and thank you to their great moms!

Here is one from Lynda M.

My mother is the best Mom in the world. She has worked hard to support me throughout the years. I could never pay her back for what she has given and done for me over the years, throughout my childhood and even my adult life. I feel very fortunate to have someone who loves me unconditionally, without judging me, yet gives constructive criticism when needed. I cherish her every minute of every day and try to show her how much I care by doing little things for her, spending time with or having her over for dinner. She has been a true positive inspiration in my life and I feel very blessed having her in my life. She is one in a million and I have the most wonderful mother ever! I may not win this contest, but I have the best prize of all because I have my mother.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you how I feel about Mom.

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Anonymous said...

that is so touching! I hope she wins