Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's Highlighted Mother's Day Entry

Monica M. writes. . .

My mother's mind is not with us in reality as alert as she was, but is ever alert and beautiful in my heart. She is in the final stage of Dementia. . .My Mama was a social worker by profession. She completed college. . .one of the first in our extended family to complete college. When she divorced my Dad in the early 1970's, she went back to school and obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work, while supporting and raising 4 children.
In 1977 Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. She took this challenge as she did all others with faith and a positive attitude. She was a safe haven for all of my sisters', brothers' and my friends. She often took them in when they were temporarily homeless or parentless due to life's situations. Mama was always encouraging, and was very active in our community through our Block club, Church, The American Breast Cancer Association, the National Association of Black Social Workers, and many other organizations.
When Mama and I noticed that she was beginning to have trouble remembering things, she bravely allowed my siblings and I to find her a great Doctor, and because of God and him she has still survived this disease since the mid to late 90's. Mama only recognizes any of us for about 30 seconds now, but her smile is radiant and we can still feel her love. She still has a great appreciation for what tastes good. If she doesn't like something her determination NOT to eat is fierce! I know that she would love your soup and enjoy the warmth and deliciousness of it. Your lemon iced cake is also delicious and I have sent these things to many of my friends and family over the years. I know my Mom would not only love to be recognized in this way, but she would be humbled at the total love and devotion that I feel for her.

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