Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's highlighted Grandma's Mother's Day Contest. . .

There is still a week left to enter my Mother's Day Contest. Enter today, one lucky winner will be able to send the winning Mom a Free Soup and Mug full of crackers on Grandma!

Genevieve M., The Self Proclaimed Daughter of World's Greatest Mother, writes. . .

A nurse for nearly twenty-five years, my mother, Debbie M., is currently the weekend supervisor at a hospital. But for the last twelve years, she has additionally cared for two exceptional patients. Her mother battled multiple myeloma cancer for nearly a decade; my mom held her mother’s frail hand through every medical appointment, whether it was a blood transfusion, bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy treatment.

Only two months before enduring the grief of her mother’s death, her father suffered a stroke. The frightful night an ambulance rushed him to the hospital, the day cancer took my grandmother, during every occupational, speech and physical therapy session, and even now as he is beginning to walk, she had been by his side.

Despite working long weekend hours and regularly driving forty-five minutes to and from my grandfather’s house, my mom cheered for me at every swim meet, excitedly assisted me before each school dance and still answers the phone at any hour when I call from college in need of comforting. While perpetually existing ten minutes behind schedule and maybe not the best with cooking, cleaning or laundry, my mother is nonetheless the best exemplar I could ask for.

She offers ceaseless dedication to others, always putting everyone before herself. My mother’s passion in serving humanity and uncompensated zeal in caring for her family merits a reward. She has a perfect heart of unconditional love. Thank you for considering her for the Grandma’s Chicken Soup giveaway; I cannot think of anyone more deserving of such a gift.

Many Thanks.

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