Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Father's Day Winner is . . .

We received many great Father's Day entries but none better than the one from Nance Blair Stultz honoring a World War II veteran who stepped in as a second father after her dad had passed away. It is a pleasure to say thank you to Mr. Jack Radin for serving our country and continuing his heroism long after the war was over.

"A few years ago I got a phone call from a stranger who had some information for me. . .it changed my life in a good way!

Mr. Jack Radin, a Gentleman from NY, contacted me via a WWII army site from where I was looking for any information about my Daddy, Harold R. Blair.  Mr. Radin and I had some nice chats on the phone and he sent me photographs of he and my Dad from June 1945; (from when they were in the war together).  He also wrote me a letter and told me how the men in the Company M, 100th Division, 399th Regiment liked and respected my Dad. . .
I had never seen those photos of my Dad and the information that he shared with me about my Father are priceless!  Mr. Radin is indeed in line for a great big Happy Father's Day for bringing memories of my Dad (who passed away. . .) and he even told me that I could have a whole UNIT that would take me for a daughter!

What a wonderful person!  I would be delighted to honor him with some Grandma's Soup! and recognition!

Thank you for your consideration.
Nance Blair Stultz

(picture on top: Jack Radin on the far left and Harold Blair on the far right, June 1945, picture on bottom: Nance Blair Stultz 2010 Father's Day Contest winning author)


Anonymous said...

I am THRILLED for you to recognize/thank and Honor, Mr Jack R in this manner! He told me some stories about WWII and my Dad, Harold Blair. How they froze in the woods and did not have enough to eat....we are so blessed and so lucky that these brave Men and Women fought for our freedom in WWII....I can never say THANK YOU enough!
I really do LOVE Grandma's soup; I received TWO! for my recent 60th birthday and I tell you, yummy, yummy, yummy! It is the perfect gift for Any occassion. the LEMON CAKE was so good too! (it is gone!) I also received the SPA package; hours of fragrance, soothing neck cozy....delightful! Thanks so much! I tell all my friends about Grandma's Soup and what a thoughtful gift to give. My friend Joyce introduced me a few years ago and I have been back time and again! Always tasty, never a problem. Good thoughts and blessings, Nance (pass the soup, please......)

Janet E. Blair said...

Thank you Grandma, for selecting my sister Nance's letter as your Father's Day Contest Winner!! It is very exciting for our family! Of course, you would have NO WAY to know that TODAY, June 17, 2010, the date this photo was posted to the internet, our Father, Harold R. Blair, would have been 85 years old ~ it's his birthday! In my family we call "coincidences" like this "A God Thing". Kind of like "A Kiss from God"! I thank Grandma for the contest which allows my Father, Jack Radin, and all the other good men who fought in WWII, as well as all Fathers, to be remembered and honored. You see, what my sister failed to tell you about our Father is that not only did he fight hand to hand for this country, he died at age 43. As you can imagine we did not have him here nearly long enough. We have missed him Terribly. So, a great piece of the memorial we try to live every day in honor of our great Daddy! Thank you Nance!! I love you! J-Bird